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Billionaires Movie Investment Club

Hollywood Mogul matches private investor funds with established production companies. Screenplays originate in-house as well as from the global market.

An international company based in Toronto Canada.

  • Extreme Dividends
  • Direct Celebrity Access
  • Utmost Elite Status
  • Legacy Building
  • Movie Credits











Brent GorcieCherry WolfJamie McCall

Jada ChambersBrent GorcieGeorge MegrelaKrista Lee Watson


Brent GorcieAlex BallarAubrey ChandlerKrista Lee Watson


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  • Extreme Dividends
  • Direct Celebrity Access
  • Utmost Elite Status
  • Legacy Building
  • Movie Credits


We turn wealthy investors into Hollywood moguls - one movie at a time. We raise the bar on simple investing. Got a billion? Well, that’s pretty sweet! Even the top actors don’t have a billion... but you know why they’re so popular?... because FAME is WORTH a TRILLION!! Why not use your wealth to get you the real perks in life? ... mogul status and hanging with A-List celebrities. Make your money feel like a trillion.
Otherwise, what exactly is all that money good for?

You control the process. We manage the project.

We find the projects that fit your parameters; how much you want to invest, level of risk you’re prepared to absorb and the type of theme.

Maybe you even have your own theme in mind? We will find the production companies willing to submit an outline based on your theme.

Private entertainment investors enjoy an unbelievably high rate of return when a golden project hits the screen. For instance, The Blair Witch Project turned a budget of $35K into a gross of $248M with highest ever margin of 354,614% profit. In 1997 Titanic’s budget of $200M was turned into a gross of $1.8B and a profit of $724.4M for its investors.

Hollywood Mogul’s management team are expert at spotting the winning plans. We have a wide array of projects to choose from and we have access to the best entertainment consultants who can advise on the feasibility of individual components - ie. how to tweak the project to decrease risk-level or to increase profit-potential.

Investment benefits go way beyond the financial rewards! Imagine the status associated with being the financier - the mogul - behind a movie starring the biggest movie stars! It’s possible!... if you’ve got the backing, we’ve got the team who can make that happen!!

Imagine showing up on the set during filming.... because you CAN do that once you are the mogul! Just imagine! Clearly the rewards are far greater than any other kind of investment. ENTERTAINMENT INVESTING is the MOST ELITE of ALL!!!



Your communications are managed by “The Great Dave Jarritone”
 (comedic actor and courteous jokester).




Your portfolio is managed by Verna Lane
(CEO and Executive Producer)


Find out more about founders of Hollywood Mogul.

They have two goals for investors...
to make your money grow,
and to make sure you have FUN through it all!



Cherry WolfBrent GorcieDave Jarritone


Aubrey ChandlerBrent GorcieBrent GorcieAlex BallarJamie McCall


Brent GorcieJada ChambersKrista Lee WatsonAlex BallarAubrey Chandler







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